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How can something so great be so FREE? Louisville SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S Small Business Administration and our sole mission is to help grow our local economy and see our citizens succeed. We're wholly dedicated to help you form, grow and succeed with your small business. When you win, we win. It's that simple. Louisville SCORE provides absolutely free client-driven counseling for new and established small business owners and would love to help you. We provide managerial and operational support for you through counseling as well as through in-depth seminars and enlightening workshops.

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SCORE's 50th anniversary

Louisville, Kentucky-Chapter 75 SCORE, www.louisville.score.org  mentors to America’s small businesses, is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Since 1964, SCORE volunteer mentors have assisted more than 10 million entrepreneurs in starting or growing their enterprises and are dedicated to serving another 1 million by 2017. October 2013 marks the kickoff of a year-long celebration of the milestone that will showcase the great work SCORE mentors and clients have achieved in the small business world. 

SCORE CEO Kenneth Yancey says, “We are so excited to be celebrating this monumental milestone in our organization’s history. In 50 years, our volunteers have made a real impact on the success of entrepreneurs across the country. We’re ready to kick off 50 more.”