Louisville Main StreetIf you are currently operating a business and would like a SCORE mentor to come to your place of business or another venue, you can request "EBC" (Existing Business Counseling) at no charge. Routinely a lead mentor will be in contact to establish a mutually agreeable date to get together. The lead mentor will assess the request and assign appropriately skilled mentors to best serve your needs. Depending on your situation, you may even be assigned a team of experts!


SCORE Roundtable

Is a robust educational and training capability for valued clients who are operating their businesses successfully.  Typically, our Existing Business clients, after solving the issues that brought SCORE and the client together, drift away.

With no immediate problems to solve, the relationship with SCORE Chapter 75 gets stale and both the client and the SCORE mentor quit recognizing opportunities to provide continued aid to the small business person.Friends of SCORE is designed to address this opportunity with educational processes and roundtables that apply to operating a small business. From its inception, it is organized in a way to make it a member driven organization. To start, we provide four roundtables per year.  Most of these roundtables will require activities and prerequisites that are designed to prepare the small business person for participation in on hand activities utilizing their own live situations and data. 

WorkshopA round table format is used so that small business owners and managers can work together with SCORE mentors solving real problems.  The facilitator of each round table group reviews the data provided by the attending members and together with the subject matter expert selects the business with the most challenging opportunities. All the attendees at this table work together to solve problems. In this way, participants who attend will address and find solutions to the problem at hand and to their own problems and opportunities.

An addition benefit of this approach is that valuable peer to peer relationships will develop between Friends of SCORE members that can also be utilized by the individual small business owner/operator as the opportunities present themselves. 

The initial roundtables focused on marketing and sales.  This was done because it is predictably one of the most common operational opportunities (who can’t use more business).  As we go forward, mechanisms are provided that promote input and feedback that will dictate the subject matter.

As a pre-requisite to the first roundtables, attendees are being asked to provide us with information on survey forms so that facilitators can level the discussion. 

The roundtables will have three distinct segments. 

The first is a networking activity, where each attendee is asked to introduce themselves, the type of business they have and to solicit the other workshop attendees for help with finding new clients.  This is to instill networking activities as an important marketing tool especially for companies with little or no full-time sales resources.  

The estimated time for this activity is planned to last approximately 15 minutes. 

Next, there is a lecture portion for the workshop where a subject matter expert will address the class by presenting a comprehensive overview of the subject and the expectations we hope to achieve for each attendee.  Time allowed 15 –20 minutes. 

Finally, the roundtables activities are undertaken.  Ultimately we plan for six to eight participants per table.   

More than one roundtable group may be required to satisfy the enrollment.  

At least 2 hours are reserved for this activity. 

Additional thoughts

Up to two attendees per client. 

Times and location to be determined by committed attendees. 

The suggested cost to the client is $25 per attendee. 

Ad hoc  attendance allowed but required pre-requisites a must plus $100 per class. Each one-on-one session is a 641, and each workshop a class 

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