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What "Undercover Boss" Taught Me About Being a Better Leader

March 16, 2019,

Learn how Sheldon Yellen, CEO of BELFOR Property Restoration, appeared on CBS’s “Undercover Boss” and saw a golden opportunity for professional growth.


Is Your Next Hire Working for Your Competitor?

March 13, 2019,

When you are looking to hire highly-qualified employees, a good place to start is with the people working for your competition.


Broadening Horizons: Independent Contractors

Because independent contractors are a specialized class of worker, however, you just want to remember to follow certain legal guidelines as you sign them up for projects. Read more


5 Creative Tips for Motivating Your Team

March 1, 2019,

Do you experience a little dip in enthusiasm around this time of year? Here are 5 creative ways to boost employee motivation and morale.


Managing Expectations: The Employment Agreement

An employment agreement protects everyone--the employee, the employer and the customer--by getting expectations down in writing from the starting gate. Read more


Are Your Small Business Hiring Practices Discriminatory?

February 26, 2019,

Here’s an overview of some important things to know when you’re hiring—and some things you might be doing wrong without knowing it.


A Guide To Employment Contracts

An employment agreement is a legal contract between employer and employee that covers the terms and conditions of employment. Here is the complete guide. Read more