Small business is the backbone of the American economy. But, who's driving small business success today?

Get the facts about current trends in small business ownership.

The number of women-owned businesses is growing 1.5 times the national average.

From 1997 to 2014, the number of women-owned businesses has increased 67.8%. The employment rate of women-owned businesses is 11% and revenues of woman-owned businesses have grown 72.3%.

Compare these stats to men-owned businesses during the same period:

  • The number of male-owned firms grew 34.4%
  • Employment rate for men-owned businesses was -6.5%
  • Revenues for men-owned businesses grew 45.1%

There are currently 9.1 million woman-owned small businesses employing 7.9 million people (other than the owners). They generate over $1.4 trillion in annual revenue and their businesses are concentrated in the health care/ social assistance and educational/ professional services industries.

More and more businesses are owned by women of color.

In 1997, only 1 million small businesses were owned by women of color. That number increased to over 3 million in 2014 and continues to grow today!

The percentage of ownership growth from 1997 - 2014 for woman-owned businesses is:

  • 67.8% growth for all woman-owned businesses
  • 215.7% growth for women of color
  • 37.1% for non-minority, female business owners

The percentage of revenue growth from 1997 - 2014 for woman-owned businesses is:

  • 72% for all woman-owned businesses
  • 193% for women of color
  • 58% for non-minority, woman-owned businesses

Latinos open businesses at a rate 2 times that of the national average. The growth of latino-owned small businesses is up 43% since 2007.

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Who's Nurturing Today's Businesses - women, minority, and Latino small businesses

Infographic: Who's Nurturing Today's Businesses